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World Contraception Day takes place on September 26th every year. The annual worldwide campaign centers around a vision where every pregnancy is wanted. Launched in 2007, WCD’s mission is to improve awareness of contraception and to enable young people to make informed choices on their sexual and reproductive health.

#meet the ambassador

Kizanne James is one of 10 World Contraception Day Ambassadors, Women Deliver Young Leader, Chevening Scholar and young medical doctor from Trinidad and Tobago passionate about women’s health issues in particularly those related to sexual and reproductive health and rights. She is also an award winning youth leader with over 15 years’ experience in youth leadership and volunteering, advocate and public speaker building awareness of issues related to young people’s sexual health.

The Project

Young people are the best spokespeople for their own needs and powerful agents of change to transform policies, programs, and communities for the better. The project provides the global SRHR community with more insight into the realities of young people at the community, country, regional, and global levels and sparks a discussion on how to best meet young people’s needs.

●  The World Contraception Day (WCD) Ambassadors Project equips young people with the skills they need to collect and share digital stories about young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and access to contraception in their home countries. It is sponsored by Women Deliver and Bayer.

●  By equipping the Ambassadors with the tools they need to collect the stories of young people in their communities, the project integrates the power of technology, advocacy, and youth engagement to transform the landscape of contraception in their communities.

●  By strengthening the knowledge and skills of young leaders and creating more opportunities for youth advocates to share their stories, ideas, and expertise, the project raises awareness of young people’s perspectives and needs.


How you can help?

Participating in this global campaign is QUICK and EASY!
Step 1
View the video question on the left.
Step 2
Record your video response.
Step 3

Upload your video and then click to reply.
Please note that the best answers will be made public, so uploading a video gives us the right to share your story with the rest of the world. Your stories will be given utmost respect and will only be used by us, to promote contraception use or inform others of the challenges faced by young people. Do review our consent details below for more information. Be a part of positive change! Be heard! Represent your country! Young people are the present!

By uploading any video, I allow Bayer and Women Deliver, as part of the World Contraception Day Ambassadors Project, to use my picture, video, and/or story. I give Bayer and Women Deliver the right to create materials using my picture and/or story via photography or other means. I give Bayer and Women Deliver the right to reproduce, display, and disseminate these materials worldwide and in perpetuity, in any traditional or electronic media format. This includes photographs/ videos or other images of my likeness. I understand that these photographs/ videos are owned by Bayer and Women Deliver. Furthermore, I grant Bayer and Women Deliver the unconditional rights to use these images, in whole or in part. This may include, but is not limited to, using my picture and/or story in promotional, educational, or advocacy materials without requiring Bayer to notify me, seek my permission, or owe any form of compensation. I will not receive any compensation for my picture and/or story. I understand that these images will be used in an appropriate and respectful manner. I confirm that these images were taken with my knowledge and consent. I understand that my participation is voluntary and there is no penalty for refusing to take part.
To find out more about the different types of contraception and the ambassador’s project click the link below

SCORE – The free phone application that will contain information about the different types of contraception and where you can access them!

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