A case study of Media Vox Pop applied to Il Fatto Quotidiano’s digital audience.


July 2017, the Italian parliament is discussing about parliamentary retirement benefits, a highly controversial topic and widely debated among Italians. The website Il Fatto Quotidiano, one the most politically influential news site in the country, decided to engage with their readers by giving them the chance to speak out, providing their own opinions.


Il Fatto Quotidiano’s director, Peter Gomez, a well-known journalist and one of the main columnist of the organisation, created a Vox Pop video-question addressing the topic, inviting readers to provide their own point of view.



The video-question was among the most viewed video on IFQ’s Facebook page, and triggered strong engagement among readers, with an average time of 48 seconds spent on the Media Vox Pop’s session. Twenty-four video-comments were collected and posted on a customised widget inside IFQ’s website, where users spent an average of 2 minutes and 45 seconds watching the incoming reactions.