A case study of Media Vox Pop applied to a Change.org’s campaign.


In May 2017, on change.org, a civil rights movement Italiani Senza Cittadinanza launched a petition in occasion of the parliamentary discussion about the legal status of people born in Italy by foreigner parents. The purpose of the petition was to advocate for a more inclusive law that would recognise as Italian citizens about 800.000 people living in Italy. It was a petition concerning identity, civil rights and diversity. By using change.org’s community, the goal was not only to ask users to merely sign for the petition, but also to share their stories and thoughts about a delicate topic, generally underreported by mainstream media.


The petition was promoted by a civil rights movement of young Italians born by foreigners who advocate for a ius soli law that would finally recognise their civil rights and citizenship in the country they were born or arrived at a very young age. Ilham Mounssif, one of the founder of the movement, decided to create a video-question addressing change.org community and the web, with the following question: ‘What does it mean to be Italian? How would consider yourself Italian?’


By embedding the video-question link inside the email, change.org was able to make users think about their own intimate identity and what it means for them: a communication strategy that perfectly fit with the overall vision of the campaign.

The video-questions was able to catalyse different short stories and points of view on the web, in response to the question. All the videos were edited together, within a change.org style frame, subtitled and shared via social media channels. On Facebook, the final vox pop video was viewed more than 14,000, 30% more than the average video views of change.org Italy.

   Key Takeaways

  • The collaboration with change.org team was fundamental to find the best channel and call-to-action exposure to make people interact with the video-question.
  • Email is still a very strong channel to reach people, and video is a strong complementary element to increase users interest and conversion rate.
  • The question should be powerful but clear, open but personal, intimate but respectful.