Send video-messages to the President of the United States


Newsday, the Long Island and NYC daily outlet, triggered some advices for Donald Trump’s first 100 days of US Presidency.

Newsday adopted Vox Pop to increase engagement with its own online community. The newsroom prepared a video-question for its users and embedded it within a single online article. The video asked people to submit short videos containing advices addressing Donald Trump about its first 100 days of work as newly elected US president. Different opinions were collected, and edited in one single video for its Facebook community.

The result is a strongly engaging videos for social media, that was viewed more than 14,000 times on Facebook, above the average view rate of other videos posted on this channel. With a simple, short video produced by Newsday’s newsroom, there was no need for journalists to go down to the street, as the content was spontaneously produced by the online audience itself.