Listen to your audience via video

Allow everyone to comment with a video, on social networks and websites



Design a video question in your private dashboard. Launch it, spread it in the web, then watch and manage the best videos that come in.

Vox Pop creates a direct channel between the newsroom or brand owner with their audience, so that fans, followers and viewers can contribute with direct uploads of their content, which comes with exclusive license.

Empower your website

Crowdsourced video is free and it is a powerful means for any
content strategy, and it boosts dwell time spent on your site in a qualitative and quantitative way.
Allowing your viewers to take action is an irreplaceable reward.

Video Contests and Debates

Engage your audience by triggering video debates about news topics, locally or worldwide. Provides great insights into your services and credibility, improving a personal connection with your website, while developing a strong partnership with your readers.


Integrate it on any website, it works on every browser! It can either be shared as a simple hyperlink or on social networks


The audience can easily record and upload from mobile, tablet and desktop in just a few steps


UGC is the best way to boost conversion rates and extend dwell time on your page

our services

Opinion Maker

Reach out to the people and collect different opinions and stories

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Customer Voice

Video testimonials amplify confidence about your brand and products

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Video Contest

Engage your audience

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Engage your audience and make it part of the story

Enhance diversity through video conversations